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Welcome to mfg Solicitors’ licensing homepage.

Any business or individual wishing to sell alcohol, or provide entertainment or late night refreshment on whatever scale will need to ensure that they have the correct licence in place. Failure to do so could result in prosecution with severe penalties.

mfg Solicitors are able to offer expert advice in this specialist area to ensure that the correct permissions are in place and you are able to operate your business as intended.

Our solicitors realise that every business is individual. We understand that you may have different requirements and we are able to advice you on the best way to achieve these.

Additionally, we are able to assist operators of multiple premises with their general estate management at very competitive rates.

In particular, we can help you on:-

  • Premises Licences – new and variations
  • Personal licences
  • Temporary Event Notices
  • Licensing Reviews
  • Club Premises Licence – new and variations
  • Transfer of Premises Licence applications
  • Designated Premises Supervisor Variations


Premises Licence – New and Variations

Applications for a new premises licence, or for the variation of an existing premises licence, can be complicated. Mistakes can be costly.

Applicants need to consider what measures they intend to take to promote the four licensing objectives.

Applications that are well drafted by an expert, following discussions with the regulatory bodies involved in the application process, are often more successful than those drafted without specialist input.

We can assist at all or any of the following stages:-

  • Preparation of the application form
  • Submission of the application to the relevant regulatory bodies as required by legislation
  • Arrangement of notices to appear in the paper and on the site
  • Discussing the application with any regulatory body raising concerns
  • Preparing for and attending any hearing that may be required


Personal licences

Any person wishing to be responsible for the sale of alcohol at premises (other than using a temporary event notice) must hold a personal licence.

We can assist you in making this application as straightforward as possible.

Applicants must have completed a recognised training course.


Temporary Event Notices

Temporary event notices are intended to be used for one-off events such as charity dances, weddings etc. They are extremely useful but applicants should be aware of a number of limitations:-

Operators should note that these notices can be used as a way of extending your existing permitted hours for special events or over holiday periods, provided that the notices comply with the limitations set out in legislation.


Licensing Reviews

Any regulatory body involved in the licensing process or any local resident or local business can apply at any time for an existing premises licence to be reviewed. The applicant must show that the existing operation of the premises causing problems.

Once the application is made then the holder of the licence is notified and notices are displayed advertising the review.

The applicant, any other person wishing to make representations regarding the application and the premises licence holder will then be called to a hearing at the council where the licensing committee will consider what, if any steps, they should take.

The committee can add conditions to a licence seeking to address the problems, they can suspend the licence for a period of up to 3 months or they can revoke the licence entirely.

It is therefore vital the operators of licensed premises obtain expert advice if they receive notification that the licence is to be reviewed. Failure to get such advice could result in their licence and livelihood being taken away.

For more information on how we can help, please email maynard.burton@mfgsolicitors.com