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Accident & Personal Injury

If you have an accident or suffer an injury on the road or pavement, at work or at home, out shopping or on holiday, in someone else’s house or vehicle, on public transport, in hospital or where medical treatment goes wrong, in fact anywhere at all, you may have a claim for compensation.


You may be able to recover compensation for:

  • The injury itself
  • Pain and inconvenience
  • An illness or disease caused by someone else
  • Financial loss, e.g. Loss of earnings
  • Money you have spent, e.g. car hire, travel expenses, holiday deposits, damaged belongings or clothing

In fact, for almost any loss or cost arising out of an accident or mishap.


  • Specialise in handling claims for compensation.
  • Understand the procedures involved.
  • Know how to deal with insurance companies and other lawyers.
  • Can use their expertise to help you.
  • Can be trusted to give you independent advice.


What is involved?

First we need to see you to obtain details of the accident and your injuries, what happened and who was involved, so that we can advise you on whether you have a claim, and if so for what. Almost always we can see you either at home or in one of our offices whichever is most convenient for you.

Then we contact the insurance company involved and any other relevant body, e.g. the police, your employer, possible witnesses, your doctor, to build up a complete picture of all the relevant information.

Then we try to settle your claim with the other party’s insurers.


Most claims for compensation from accidents are settled with insurance companies. Very few require the issue of court proceedings and even fewer end up with a trial in court. We will discuss what is involved with you, and advise you about court proceedings if they are necessary.

When to claim

The sooner a claim is made the better.

If Court proceedings are necessary they must be begun within three years of the accident or injury or of you knowing you have an injury or disease, and within six years if no illness or injury is involved.


Almost all drivers, employers, property owners and local authorities are insured; therefore your claim is most likely to be met by an insurance company and not by an individual or company.

Even if the other party is not insured, or is a business which has gone bust, or a driver who has disappeared, or an individual who simply appears to have no money, a claim may still be possible.

The Cost

The first interview is free.

Where your claim is successful, most, if not all of your legal expenses will be paid by the other party’s insurance company. In any event you may have an insurance policy to help you or qualify for our Conditional Fee (sometimes called “no win no fee”) scheme.

We will explore the possibilities with you, advise you of any risks and what scheme would be best for you.

Do not

  • Admit liability – Make or accept any payment
  • Allow an “ambulance chaser” or so-called “claims expert” to handle your claim
  • or allow your Claim to be referred to a solicitor you do not know by an Insurance Company
  • Allow the other side’s insurers to deal with your claim