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Care Homes & Paying for Care

If you or someone you love needs to go into care it is often a very upsetting time, having to consider what is best for your relative, whether it is the right decision and given the rising cost of care there is often great concern about how it will be paid for.

Care includes care at home, in a residential home or nursing home and the type of care you need means different rules of paying for that care apply.

At mfg solicitors we can advise you on what assets should or should not be included in any financial assessment.  We can also provide advice on eligibility for Continuing Healthcare (which could mean you are eligible for free care) or if the NHS should pay a weekly contribution towards your care fees.  Furthermore if you are not happy with the level of care being provided we can advise you on what action can be taken.

Our specialist team can also help with questions that arise such as:-

  • Will you need to sell your home
  • How will your spouse afford to run the home if you have to pay care fees
  • What assets can you keep or can you give anything away
  • How much should you actually pay
  • Are there any contributions or benefits that you are entitled to
  • How do you or your family fill out the paperwork
  • What rights to make decisions do you have (See our section on Lasting Power of Attorney)

With the benefit of the right advice this daunting situation can be made much easier, relieving your worries and giving you the opportunity and time to support your loved one instead.