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Agricultural Tenancies

If you rent agricultural land, you may have an agricultural tenancy, even if there is nothing in writing. Your tenancy could be a 1986 Act tenancy or a Farm Business Tenancy. You may own land which is subject to a tenancy and may therefore be concerned as to what rights your tenant has over you land.

Tenancies often include provisions in relation to rent and rent review, repairs, and in the case of 1986 Act tenancies the possibilities of statutory succession. Expert legal advice is needed on how to interpret these provisions. It is also important to take advice when entering into a new tenancy.

When an agricultural tenancy comes to an end the tenant may be entitled to compensation. There may also be tax implications in what you are doing.

We have a specialist team which advises on all areas of agricultural tenancies. Our expertise extends to agricultural residential tenancies of farm cottages and those relating to farm workers.