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Rural Business Structures

If you are carrying out an agricultural business from your land or buildings then you will want to consider what is the best business model for your enterprise. You may already be carrying out business in partnership with somebody else without even knowing it or you might be about to enter into a business arrangement and have concerns.

You may own land and employ other people to carry out acts of work and acts of labour. Joint venture agreements such as contract farming and share farming arrangements require a great deal of thought.

Expert legal advice is often needed and how to interpret these documents and what they should contain.

There may also be tax implications as to the type of arrangement which you are about to enter into.

It is important that you take expert legal advice before entering into any such arrangements or business enterprise. Our well established agricultural team can advise you on all aspects of rural business and advise on different business structures. We also work closely with our tax team to ensure that you effectively structure your business by taking full advantage of tax reliefs and allowances available at any given time.