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Chris Amys

Employment Tribunal finds cycle courier was a worker

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Mr Gascoigne worked as a cycle courier for Addison Lee from 2008 until 2017. Addison Lee provides private-hire taxis as well as courier services including bicycle, motorbike, car and van couriers. His contract provided he was an independent contractor, and...

The heat is on - what happens if it gets too hot at work?

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With temperatures hitting new highs, employees could legitimately ask whether they can be kept at work as things get uncomfortable. When the workplace gets too hot, it is more than just an issue about comfort. If the temperature goes too high then it can...

Maths Teacher's Dismissal

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Maths teacher’s dismissal fair despite school’s failure to provide witness evidence of the appeal stage at the Employment Tribunal Mrs Elmore was a maths teacher at Darland High School from 2002 until her dismissal on capability grounds in April...

Carrying Over Holiday Pay

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Mr King was employed by The Sash Window Workshop for over 13 years. He was paid commission only and his Contract was silent on the issue of holiday pay. Mr King was never paid when he took time off for holiday. In 2008, the Company offered Mr King a...