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Men twice as likely to have mental health problems at work

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Mental health charity Mind has published the results of a survey which suggests that men are twice as likely to suffer with mental health problems due to work when compared to women.

According to the survey of 15,000 employees across 30 organisations, 32% of men attributed poor mental health to work-related stress, while only 19% of women said that work led to mental health issues, citing other factors as being equally significant. In addition, the survey highlighted the reluctance of men to seek help when suffering with their mental health at work, with only 31% of men (in contrast to the 38% of women) believing that the culture of their organisation made it possible to speak out about their disorder. Men fared significantly worse in the amount of support they felt they received from their line managers, with only 49% saying that they received adequate support, in contrast to the 58% of women who felt supported at work.

The survey results follow Mind's efforts to encourage employers to sign up to the Workplace Wellbeing Index 2017/18. The Index sets out the preferred policy and practice of how employers can deal with mental health issues at work. Earlier on this year, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, pledged to increase the support offered to employees suffering with mental illness in the workplace.