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Will Disputes

We have substantial experience in dealing with:

  • Inheritance Claims (claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975)
    • advising and representing both executors, beneficiaries and dependants who wish to  make a claim where inadequate provision has been made in a Will or on an intestacy
  • Challenging the validity of Wills whether due to:
    • want of due execution and want of capacity
    • want of knowledge and approval and undue influence and fraud
    • We act for those seeking to challenge a will and executors who seeking to uphold the validity of a Will.
  • Applications to Rectify Wills
  • Applications to remove/substitute Personal Representatives
  • Claims regarding agreements made with the deceased before death.

We will provide an assessment of the merits of the case at an early stage and also consider the possibility of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation.

Time limits

Time limits exist within which these types of claim must be brought, an early enquiry is advisable to enable valuable evidence to be obtained as quickly as possible.

We are happy to have initial discussions with you on a free of charge basis.