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Actor's estate will be subject to intestacy rules

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The family of a well-known actor may miss out on some of his £1.4million fortune after it emerged that he had not made a Will.

Roger Lloyd-Pack, best-known for playing Trigger in the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses, had died from pancreatic cancer in January last year.

But it recently emerged that the 69-year-old, who also had roles in The Vicar of Dibley and Doctor Who, had not left instructions about dividing his estate.

Under intestacy rules – which apply when the deceased has left no valid Will – the assets are set to be shared between Mr Lloyd-Pack’s widow and his four children.

However, it is thought that thousands more may have to be paid in tax than would have otherwise been the case.

The late actor has become the latest public figure who has hit the headlines for not making a Will.

In April, it emerged that Young Ones star Rik Mayall – who died from a heart attack last year – had also failed to make arrangements. This was despite the fact that the comic actor had already experienced a near fatal quad bike accident in 1998.

Private client solicitors have said the cases highlight the importance of making the necessary provisions, giving an individual peace of mind that their final wishes will be respected and that their loved ones will not be saddled with a considerable Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability.