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Daughter's disappointment after losing Court of Protection battle

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Daughter’s disappointment after losing Court of Protection battle

A woman who took her case to the Court of Protection in an attempt to overturn a “do not resuscitate” order placed on her elderly father’s file has said she feels let down by a Judge’s decision.

Stella Edwards was unhappy with the decision made by medics at the Great Western Hospital, Swindon, that her father should not receive CPR in the event that he went into cardiac arrest.

Eighty-three-year-old Samuel Edwards, who had a catalogue of health problems including advanced dementia, diabetes and pneumonia, had passed away earlier this month.

In a hearing a couple of weeks earlier, the Judge presiding over the case had backed the hospital’s decision, arguing that the pensioner should be able to “die with dignity.”

Stella, who received Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) when her father’s health began to decline five years ago, said that she did not want other families to go through the same experience as her.

“I feel bad that he has gone before his time and the way it has all happened,” she said.

“I didn’t know how long my dad had. He might still be alive if he didn’t have a DNR placed on him by the Court of Protection. I was not being cruel, I just wanted my dad to live his last days in a natural way, as he would have wanted.”

Nerissa Vaughan, the chief executive of the Great Western, said: “Our highly experienced medical and nursing teams often have the unenviable task of making difficult decisions to ensure that patients nearing the end of their lives have a comfortable and dignified death, without unnecessary pain or harm.

“Losing a loved one is always difficult and we offer Ms Edwards and her family our full support and deepest sympathies at this upsetting time.”