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Will Disputes/Contentious Probate

Despite the making of a will a wide variety of disputes can arise in relation to estates. 

The prospect of litigation can hinder the bereavement process but our highly experienced team of solicitors are available to advise and guide you through what may at first appear a complex and emotionally charged set of circumstances towards a resolution.      

We have substantial experience in both bringing and defending claims involving:

  • Inadequate or no financial provision from an estate

The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975

  • Challenging the validity of wills
  1. want of due execution;
  2. want of capacity;
  3. want of knowledge and approval;
  4. undue influence; and
  5. fraud.
  • Claims regarding agreements or promises made by the deceased before death
  • Intestacies and partial intestacies
  • Caveats, warnings and appearances
  • Applications to rectify wills
  • Applications to remove/substitute personal representatives
  • Claims concerning the administration of an estate
  • Costs in probate claims

In addition to representing private individuals, executors or beneficiaries we also receive instructions from the Administrators of estates, whether they are other solicitors, large and small trust corporations or will drafting companies.  Our specialist reputation results in our being instructed by clients both nationwide and abroad.

Strict statutory time limits exist within contentious probate claims. It is therefore always advisable to make an early enquiry so as not to disadvantage your claim or defence.  Our team of specialist solicitors will be happy to discuss your matter and advise you accordingly.

In all matters we will provide an assessment of the merits of the case at an early stage and also consider the possibility of mediation.  Mediation is given great emphasis by the courts in contentious probate claims and often provides a successful resolution to a claim being a far more cost effective route than proceeding to a fully contested trial.

Our solicitors have forged close working relationships with specialist barristers over a number of years which ensure that our clients consistently benefit from the best legal advice available.