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Energy and Utilities

Power generation and supply through renewable sources is an increasingly important area of focus for not only world leaders, but also for those of us looking to reduce energy bills and improve energy efficiency.

We advise developers and landowners on a number of key legal areas relating to renewable energy and have experience of dealing with wind power, hydro electric schemes, solar farms and anaerobic digestion plants.

We are able to advise on not only the legal implications of entering into such schemes but, particularly for our farming clients, the practicalities and interaction of the schemes with cross compliance and agri-environmental agreements.


We advise developers considering approaching landowners in respect of renewable energy schemes and in particular can:

advise on agreement and construction structure;
provide documents tailored to your needs for use in all transactions;
negotiate terms with landowners and their professional advisers;
consider and advise on the legal ramifications of intended sites; and
advise on solutions to resolve common problems.

We advise landowners looking to install their own systems and who have been approached by developers to house equipment on their land.  In particular we can:

review developer documents and report to you on the terms;
advise you on the impact of such a system on your subsidies and entitlements, and on any environmental stewardship agreements;
provide you with the unique viewpoint of what a developer in such circumstances is looking for and what is reasonable; and
negotiate terms with developers and their professional advisers.