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Court of Protection

You may know or care for someone who has difficulties in managing their own property and financial affairs or personal welfare and you may wish to help them. There may be the need for you, or someone else, to apply to the Court of Protection to make decisions for that person over decisions such as:-

  • Managing bank accounts
  • Claiming and receiving benefits and pensions
  • Paying household expenses and general maintenance of a property
  • Buying, selling or letting property
  • Paying for care fees or medical treatment
  • Major welfare decisions which have a potential life changing impact, if there is no other way of making a decision, such as a major operation or medical treatment.

At mfg we have a wealth of experience of not only professional Deputies who manage affairs of clients who are no longer able to do so themselves, or simply do not wish to continue to do so due physical or age reasons, but also in assisting clients in applying to the Court of Protection to become a Deputy .

Our support does not end at the point an Order is made, we continue to assist clients who have been appointed as Deputy in their management role should they so wish. A Deputy is required to adhere to supervision levels and to place insurance bonds on an annual basis, we can provide assistance and support in meeting those requirements and in completing annual accounts. Assistance may also extend to making further applications to the Court of Protection for purposes of Inheritance Tax planning which may include gifts or even statutory Wills.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss any of the issues raised above and should you have any other questions regarding a Court of Protection application.

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