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Kennedy Langley

Child with a different surname - Can I take them abroad?

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When it comes to travelling abroad with a child, parents often have questions about the legal implications, especially if the child has a different surname. In England and Wales, parental rights and responsibilities are primarily governed by the Children Act...

Domestic Abuse - Controlling Coercive Behaviour

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Domestic abuse isn’t always physical. Coercive and controlling behaviours a is a deliberate and calculated pattern of behaviour and psychological abuse designed to isolate, manipulate and terrorise a victim. Recognising Coercive and Controlling...

National Pet Month - Have you got a pet nup in place?

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National Pet Month runs from April 1 - May 1 2023, and aims to promote responsible pet ownership. As a nation, we love our pets, and with more than half of households in the UK owning at least one pet, pets are a huge part of our lives for many of...

The Rights of Fathers in relation to unborn children

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Parental Responsibility and Unborn Children In the UK, an unborn foetus does not have any rights and an unborn baby is not recognised as a ‘legal person’ until birth. This makes attaching parental rights to unborn children difficult. Due to the...