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Energy and Utilities

Renewable Energy and Utilities Sector

mfg is able to provide a commercially focussed, full service offering for the energy and utilities sector.

Given that the recovery may well be green, mfg are in the best place to help our landowner clients who will be key to facilitating any further roll-out of renewable energy schemes.

mfg have a long history of advising landowners and developers in particular negotiating option agreements for solar leases and hydro schemes.

A solar scheme can be a lucrative alternative land use for our farming clients, but landowners need specialist advice on the detailed terms of the leases that support the scheme and importantly what happens should the scheme come to an end. 

mfg’s property, agricultural and commercial lawyers work together to provide the broadest range of advice to our clients, communicating with the developers so that each party achieves their goals.

We also have a team of easements lawyers who are specialists at negotiating with the electricity providers on behalf of landowners to make sure rights across their land are properly documented and compensation claims are met.

mfg also advise on telecommunication matters. With many of the older mast leases approaching renewal, market consolidation and the implementation of the new electronic communications code mfg is working closely with agents to negotiate terms for the renewal of existing leases.