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Rural Leisure Pursuits

Rural leisure pursuits are very popular, with an estimated two thirds of land in the UK used for shooting (or shooting-related), fishing and other outdoor activities.  They are very much part and parcel of rural life.

It is crucial that landowners and tenants know the extent of their rights and obligations in relation to such activities.

If you have rights (known in law as ‘profits á prendre’) over land to shoot, hunt or fish, these can be protected by simple registration at the Land Registry.  Registration provides protection of the rights which are then binding against the landowner and his/her successors in title.

It is important that the rights of both landowner and tenant are mutually workable.  A landowner, for example, will want to ensure a tenant’s shooting activities do not adversely affect his agricultural operations.  Conversely, using the same example, the tenant will want to ensure his enjoyment of his shooting rights are not adversely affected by the landlord’s operations.