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Divorce and Finances on Separation

We have a team of specialist Family Solicitors who can offer advice and assistance in all area of divorce. We will look at three areas with you:-

The Divorce

Despite the breakdown of the marriage we will try to deal with the divorce as simply and as amicably as possible. Most clients can achieve this with our help. This keeps the divorce procedure straightforward, uncontested and reduces costs. Every client’s circumstances are different and we will listen to you and give advice and assistance which will meet your particular concerns. We will advise you as to the appropriate ground for divorce and deal with the matter for you to Decree Absolute. This will normally take between 4 to 6 months to deal with and if agreed, neither party will have to attend any Court hearing.

The Arrangements for any Children

We will help you to try and agree all the arrangements for the children after the divorce. In particular agreement needs to be reached as to which parent the children will live with  and how often the children see the other parent . In many cases children now spend almost equal time with each parent. Provided the arrangements are agreed the Court will not interfere and will not make any Orders in relation to the children. If there is a dispute over the arrangements we will try and resolve matters by negotiation first and if that is unsuccessful, by the issue of Court proceedings. In dealing with these disputes, the welfare of the children is the Court’s paramount consideration.


This area can be difficult to resolve as the family finances have to be divided to provide for two households instead of one. The Court will take into account all the circumstances of the case to try and find an outcome which is fair to both parties and to achieve a clean break between the parties wherever possible. The Court’s priority here again is to ensure that any children are provided for and securely re housed. In most cases we can help you achieve an agreed settlement.

In some cases clients come to us with terms already agreed in which case we can turn the agreement into a Court Consent Order. Once passed by the Court it is final and binding on both parties.

In other cases where terms have not yet been agreed, we will deal with financial disclosure so that we can advise you on the right terms for settlement and then achieve this through negotiation. Sometimes an immediate clean break is not possible and we can deal with ongoing maintenance claims where appropriate. Finally, if a negotiated settlement is not possible we will issue Court proceedings. We will take urgent action if assets need to be protected or if you require urgent maintenance payments for support.

You will have a dedicated named Solicitor acting for you from the start and throughout the conduct of your matter. We offer a quality service with the ability to draw on specialist advice from other divisions at MFG covering property, company, employment and Trust Law when needed. We also work with other experienced professionals where necessary to assist with property and commercial valuations, accountants for company and business valuations and Actuarial advice on pensions. The team also has many years experience in acting for particular professional groups including dentists, doctors, farmers and landowners and cases involving family businesses and partnerships.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable and would be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your case.

Please note we do not offer a free consultation process on Family matters.