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Lauren Goode

Accidents on construction sites

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According to the Labour Force Survey 2021/22, there were around 59,000 cases of non-fatal work-related injuries within the construction industry between 2021 and 2022. Common accidents may involve: Falling from a height...

What to do if you have suffered an injury from an accident in a public place

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Occasionally, we all slip or trip up whilst walking on a pavement, a road or virtually anywhere. Usually this is fine. You may be embarrassed but you get up, dust off your clothes and move on. However, sometimes, it isn’t that simple. It may be that...

I've suffered an accident at work - What should I do?

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Being injured in an accident can cause stress and worry, it only gets more daunting if the accident has taken place at work. It can be overwhelming on what to do next as you struggle physically and possibly financially due to your sustained injuries....