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Melinda Rice

Making Loans to Family and Friends

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There is a saying that you shouldn’t loan money to your friends, and there are times when this could be extended to loaning money to your family. What happens to that loan after you pass away? If significant amounts of money are being loaned,...

Myths about Wills and Probate

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Many people have the idea that if you have a Will, your estate won't need a Grant of Probate or if you do have a Will, your estate is required to apply for Grant of Probate. Neither of these myths is true. So what is Grant of Probate? It is a document...

Have you thought about your digital assets?

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At this time when there is so much uncertainty regarding COVID-19, many people are looking at the provisions that they have made for their families, friends and charities through their Wills. One thing that people overlook, no matter why they might be...