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£210m funding secured for three UK onshore wind farms

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A prominent UK renewable energy developer has secured £210million in funding to go towards constructing three new wind farms across the UK.

Banks Renewables, Durham, has said that its planned projects will produce 151MW of power and create as many as 250 new construction jobs at three onshore sites.

The sites, which are expected to go live from 2018, will include Kype Muir and Middle Muir in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, producing 88MW and 51MW respectively, and Moore House, a 12MW site in Darlington, County Durham.

Commenting on the forthcoming projects, Richard Dunkley, managing director at Banks Renewables, said: “This investment package is a real expression of confidence in both Banks Renewables and the wider UK onshore wind sector, and it’s exciting to now be accelerating the process of taking these three wind farms forward.

“Onshore wind in general and these projects in particular represent the best value for money to consumers as the Government seeks to deliver on its climate change obligations.

“We believe onshore wind will continue to play a key role in delivering lowest cost carbon free energy for the UK”.

He added: “Around 250 jobs will be created through the construction of the three new wind farms, and when complete, they will transform Banks Renewables’ generation capacity from 74 MW to 224 MW”.