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49-year-old fights for greater slice of husband's fortune in prenup dispute

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A 49-year-old woman is fighting for a greater share of her estranged husband’s £11million fortune in a bitter dispute over a pre-nuptial agreement.

The duo, who wish to remain anonymous, married in the year 2000 and quickly moved to the UK from Sweden, after reportedly signing a pre-nuptial agreement together during a holiday in Niagara Falls.

Their relationship subsequently fell apart in 2014 and legal proceedings begun in both Sweden and in the UK.

The anonymous woman reportedly told the High Court that she believed she was entitled to half of her husband’s £11million fortune – despite the fact that, under the pre-nuptial agreement, she was likely to receive just £500,000.

A Court heard claims that her millionaire husband – a 50-year-old businessman who manages an asset portfolio – had ‘tricked her’ into signing the document by saying it was ‘just a piece of paper’.

However, in opposition, the husband said that he had “made in clear from the outset” that he was against entering into a marriage without first signing a pre-nuptial agreement.

He told the High Court that his wife was entitled to “nothing beyond” half of the value of the couple’s jointly-owned family home.

Mr Justice Francis said: “She says that [her husband] told her that ‘it wasn’t about me or us it was about his businesses’, and that he told her repeatedly that it was ‘just a piece of paper’ and that it would not make any difference to her”.

“[Whereas] the husband [has] denied that the wife was in any way shocked or offended by the idea of a prenuptial agreement”.

Mr Justice Francis ruled that the family home should be sold and that the proceeds should be split evenly. He added that a Judge in Stockholm should get a chance to decide on the woman’s claims for maintenance payments and a lump sum.