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Bitter legal battle could grant one of the largest divorce awards in English legal history

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A former model is embroiled in a bitter legal battle which could see her granted one of the largest divorce awards in English legal history.

Ex-supermodel, Christina Estrada, is demanding £196million from her Saudi billionaire ex-husband – and is currently facing an in-depth cross-examination over her claim to the multi-million pound payout.

A Court heard that Ms Estrada is used to living in luxury “at a stratospheric level,” and that the giant award was “essential” in order to meet her “reasonable needs.”

Ex-husband, Sheik Walid Juffali, first divorced Ms Estrada – his second wife and mother of one of his six children – in 2014 in Saudi Arabia.

A Judge was told that Ms Estrada was “unaware” of his “triple talaq” divorce claim made overseas 13 years after their marriage.

The ex-supermodel subsequently applied for financial relief in England, as she was unable to bring a case in Saudi Arabia – to which Dr Juffali attempted to block her application on grounds that he was entitled to legal immunity, due to his diplomatic status as permanent representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) of St Lucia, in the Caribbean.

However, an Appeals Court Judge previously ruled that the Sheik was not immune, as the divorce claim “did not relate to his diplomatic duties”.

Dr Juffali, whose wealth is estimated at over £648m, has offered Ms Estrada a £17 million cash payment over five years – and the use of a £6.5m London property in their daughter’s name.

The Sheik has also recently purchased a Beverly Hills home worth an undisclosed sum, which he has gifted to Ms Estrada.

The Saudi Billionaire, an international business tycoon who is currently undergoing cancer treatment in Switzerland, has described his Ms Estrada as “a very wealthy woman”.

However, despite the Sheik’s offer, which includes £150,000 in annual expenses and a bid to cover the school costs of their daughter, Ms Estrada insists that she is seeking a “clean break” award of £196 million.

The case continues.