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Man ordered to financially support ex-wife 'for life' to challenge decision at Supreme Court

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A UK man who was previously ordered by the Court of Appeal to financially support his ex-wife ‘for life’ is hoping to challenge the decision at the Supreme Court.

Mr Graham Mills has launched an online crowdfunding campaign in a bid to raise the £50,000 he believes the challenge will cost.

The news comes after a long-running dispute between Mr Mills and his former partner Maria Mills attracted mass attention on social media and in the news earlier this year.

In February 2017, the Court of Appeal heard that Mr Mills, who initially split from his ex-wife as far back as 2002, had given her £230,000 at the point of divorce on top of £1,100 a month in maintenance payments.

However, Judges at the Court of Appeal ruled that his ex-partner was “unable to meet her basic needs” under the terms of this settlement – and subsequently declared that Mr Mills must support her financially for the remainder of his life.

Mr Mills was ordered to increase his maintenance payments to Mrs Mills to £1,441 per month.

The disgruntled ex-husband has since said that he “simply cannot lie down and accept” the decision, and should not be forced to “pick up the tab” for his ex-wife 15 years after their divorce.

He says that he has received widespread messages and support from both men who have had similar experiences post-divorce, and feminist women who believe that the decision wrongfully implies that women must be dependent on men for financial support.

Mr Mills’ online crowdfunding efforts have already managed to raise more than £4,000, according to reports.

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