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Air hostess fails in fight to secure greater slice of husband's fortune

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An air hostess caught up in a long-running legal battle with her millionaire husband has failed in her attempt to secure a greater slice of his fortune, after the Court of Appeal rejected her claim that a previous divorce settlement was unfair.

Ms Karen Hart had previously divorced wealthy property developer John Hart earlier this year, and had been awarded a £3.5 million divorce settlement.

But the disgruntled air hostess later argued that this settlement was “unfair and discriminatory.”

The couple had been married for 20 years, had two children together and shared a mansion thought to be worth approximately £1.1 million.

The duo reportedly enjoyed a “life of luxury,” driving prestige cars and taking regular family holidays to their two other properties in Florida and Spain.

However, the Court of Appeal was told that successful property developer Mr Hart was already a millionaire “man of substance” long before he and Ms Hart first met.

Ms Hart, on the other hand, had “no assets to save for a Porsche” and had been living a very different lifestyle to that she later enjoyed after their marriage.

In recent week, three Judges at the Court of Appeal ruled against Ms Hart, finding that the initial £3.5 million settlement was not – as she had claimed – “discriminatory” under these circumstances.

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