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British charities save millions of pounds by working alongside renewable energy network, report reveals

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A new report suggests that a large group of UK-based charities has saved £6.97 million on energy by being part of a prominent British renewable energy network.

The research, which was published by the UK’s Fit for Future network last week, indicates that more than 100 not-for-profit organisations have benefited from its innovative approach to energy generation.

The network, which empowers members such as the National Trust, Cancer Research UK and RSPB to tackle climate change by utilising solely renewable energy sources – and even by generating their own power in-house – claims that its 102 member organisations have generated 48.5GWh of energy for themselves in the past year.

A report in Civil Society boldly suggests that this impressive amount is approximately enough to power a National Trust mansion house for a period of 138 years.

Members were also successful in collectively boosting their clean energy generation by more than half (53 per cent) year-on-year, the data reveals.

Sir Edward Davey, chair of Fit for Future, said that the group’s members were increasingly exhibiting that “operating without damaging the environment” is fast becoming a realistic prospect for large organisations.

“Climate change is putting the things we value most at risk, including buildings, landscapes and the wider environment. The organisations within Fit for the Future are rising to the challenge by collaborating to find practical solutions, which include generating their own clean energy,” he said.

The group, which was first set up by the National Trust in 2013, is dedicated to ensuring that all of its members are “climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient” in the face of difficult environmental changes and challenges.