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Changes to UK Company Law

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There are big changes on the way for UK company law; with a need for transparency and a better quality register of companies, the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 does just that.

This is a look at those that will specifically affect your filings with Companies House.


The new law aims to crack down on unlawful companies on the register and increase its quality, ultimately driving up confidence in the UK economy.

When and Who?

From March 2024, and affecting all existing and newly incorporated companies including Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies (PLCs), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), Limited Partnerships (LPs), Community Interest Companies (CICs) as well as Overseas Companies.

How will you be affected?

There are a variety of measures coming in, some of which affect the way you interact with Companies House: You will have to register an email address for your company with your next Confirmation Statement to ease communication with Companies House, and you must complete a statement to confirm the company is lawful and intends to be in the future.

There is a new focus on identity verification for both existing and new company directors, PSCs and those who file for them: An ID document such as a passport will have to be checked by Companies House, likely to roll out through a new software package. More information on this is awaited. 

Accounts filings are changing too, with the introduction of software only filing and changes to small company filing options, including small and micro-entity companies having to file their profit and loss accounts and the removal of the option to file ‘abridged’ accounts.

The Act also expands the powers Companies House can use for enforcement, information sharing with other Government departments and partners, company creation and protection of personal information as well as an increase in some of the Companies House fees!

This might feel like an unnecessary administrative burden, but these new measures are really just reinforcing those processes that already form part of an owner’s obligations to Companies House, contributing to a better quality product for all users.

For more information on the upcoming changes, please visit the Government’s dedicated website on or contact James Hayes or Bruce Rodford, Mfg Corporate division, on 01905 610410.