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Charity aims to raise awareness about the value of bequests

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New research suggests that around a third of UK adults would be happy to leave a charitable gift in their will, but fewer than one in ten actually do.

Remember a Charity, the organisation which encourages people to consider bequests to good causes, is this week raising awareness about the options available.

The campaign has received the backing of a number of politicians. Rob Wilson, the Minister for Civil Society and Damian Hinds, the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, were among those to acknowledge the importance of gift giving.

“Many charities rely on these gifts to help carry out their vital work,” they said.

“Unfortunately there is evidence of a disconnect between people’s intentions to give money in their wills and those doing so.”

Despite this, gifts left in wills were still the single biggest source of voluntary income in the UK. Last year alone, £2.2billion was received in legacies.

Rob Cope, director of Remember a Charity, said that their annual campaign had never before received such wide support from politicians and the legal profession.

“Particularly in light of the negative portrayal of fundraising in the media recently, it has never been more important that charities continue to strive for the highest standards, cherish their supporters and celebrate success.

“Without legacy giving, many charitable services might not survive.”

This week’s figures feed into a wider problem of people who have a clear idea of how they want to share out their estate but don’t make the necessary arrangements before they die.

A study earlier this year revealed half of all adults had yet to make a will.