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Court of Protection rules in case of injured policeman

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The Court of Protection has ruled that medical teams should stop providing life-support treatment to a man who suffered severe brain injuries in a road crash last year.

Paul Briggs, a constable with Merseyside Police, had been riding a motorcycle on his way to an evening shift, when the collision occurred.

He suffered bleeding on the brain and five spinal fractures, with only the intervention of doctors keeping him alive.

He remains in a “minimally conscious state” following the crash almost 18 months ago and requires continual care at Liverpool’s Walton Centre, a specialist neurology hospital.

PC Briggs’ wife, Lindsey, had recently given evidence to the Court of Protection, arguing that the treatment should be stopped to honour her husband’s “previously expressed wishes.”

The doctors who have been treating the 43-year-old following his injury had opposed such a move, with a specialist having argued that there was still a possibility that the ex-serviceman may emerge from his current state.

Having considered the evidence earlier this month, Mr Justice Charles ruled that PC Briggs should be transferred to a hospice to receive palliative care.

Speaking after the judgment, Mrs Briggs said: “The court case was the hardest thing we have ever had to do but we did it for Paul, to honour his wishes.

“[The Judge] has been able to place himself in Paul’s situation, and for that we will be forever thankful.”

However, the Official Solicitor is to seek leave to appeal following on from the ruling earlier this week, a decision which has “dismayed” PC Briggs’ family.