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Daughter sentenced over reckless spending in power of attorney dispute

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A UK woman who reportedly drained her 81-year-old mother’s bank account has been handed a suspended sentence in a long-running power of attorney dispute.

A Court heard that Debra Mann, 49, was granted power of attorney over the finances of her dementia-suffering mother in 2012 – and subsequently ‘stole’ almost £70,000 from her bank account.

A Judge was told that Ms Mann drained her mother’s bank account to such an extent that she “could no longer afford to pay her care home fees”.

The majority of the money was spent on “frivolous and self-indulgent items” over the course of three years.

Ms Mann said that she was “bored and depressed,” pointing toward an addiction to online shopping in her defence.

“Mann had complex health problems and became bored and depressed when she could not leave the house,” a Court was told.

Despite the pleas, a Judge labelled Ms Mann’s actions a “gross abuse of trust” which caused “a significant amount of loss.”

“She drained her mother’s bank account and as a result could no longer afford to pay her care home fees.”

“She took a total of £69,258.98 over three years,” a Court heard.

Ms Mann pleaded guilty to all charges and was handed a two-year suspended sentence. She was also ordered to carry out 20 days of rehabilitation.