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DECC downfall labelled a 'downgrading' of energy policy by MPs

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DECC downfall labelled a ‘downgrading’ of energy policy by MPs

The UK’s longstanding Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has been disbanded, in a move which has been criticised by MPs as a ‘downgrading’ of the importance of UK energy policy.

The news comes following new Prime Minister Theresa May’s controversial cabinet reshuffle – which has seen the DECC scrapped in favour of a newly-merged Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, to be led by Greg Clark.

In a statement, Mr Clark said: “I am thrilled to have been appointed to lead this new department charged with delivering a comprehensive industrial strategy, leading Government’s relationship with business, furthering our world-class science base, delivering affordable, clean energy and tackling climate change”.

But the Government has come under fire from a number of MPs, who say that Theresa May’s Cabinet reshuffle could be bad news for the future of Britain’s battle against climate change.

Green MP, Caroline Lucas, said: “Climate change is the biggest challenge we face, and it must not be an afterthought for the Government. The decision to shut down DECC is a deeply worrying move from Theresa May”.

Ed Davey, who served as Liberal Democrat secretary of state at DECC from 2012 to 2015, added: “This is a major setback for the UK’s climate change efforts. Greg Clark may be nice and he may even be green, but by downgrading the Whitehall status of climate change, Theresa May has hit low carbon investor confidence yet again”.