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Divorcee awarded £3.5m of ex-husband's 'family fortune' despite cohabiting with new partner

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Divorcee awarded £3.5m of ex-husband’s ‘family fortune’ despite cohabiting with new partner

A senior UK Judge has awarded £3.5million of a ‘family fortune’ to the ex-wife of a property mogul, despite the fact that she now lives with a new partner.

President of the Family Division Sir James Munby’s ruling highlights the fact that women who move in with other men following a separation could still be entitled to a share of their ex-husband’s wealth.

Ms Karen Hart, 60, received £3.5m of a £10m fortune following her divorce from property tycoon, Mr John Hart, to whom she had previously been married for over 20 years.

Mr Hart argued that, due to her current living situation, the award was “unfair”, and subsequently took his case to an Appeals Court.

“The situation in my case is that my wife had been living as man and wife with somebody else for years. They have a bank account together, a home together and credit cards together,” Mr Hart argued.

Yet Sir James Munby ruled that the “presence of Mrs Hart’s new partner in her life did not diminish her needs,” and awarded the divorcee £3.5m.

“If it had gone before 10 judges, I think nine of them would have agreed with me,” said a disgruntled Mr Hart, commenting on the ruling.

Experts have commented that Sir James Munby’s ruling was ‘perfectly fair’.