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ECC's final report calls for energy storage reform

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MPs are calling upon the Government to embrace “smart technological solutions” and “clean tech” energy projects, following the publication of the Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECC Committee)’s final report.

The report says that the Government must take urgent action to redesign its capacity market and incentivise energy storage and demand side response as the preferred alternative to diesel standby generation plants in a bid to make the electricity grid cleaner and more flexible.

It also urges the Government to consider a possible subsidy framework for energy storage to ‘accelerate deployment’.

At the point of the report’s publication, ECC Committee chair, Angus MacNeil, said: “There is an incredible opportunity for the UK to become a world leader in these technologies.

“Yet our current energy security subsidies favour dirty diesel generation over smart new clean tech solutions.”

The ECC said that the Government should lay out a storage procurement target for 2020.

Renewable Energy Association chief executive Nina Skorupska, added: “In the interests of continued investment, energy security and the best deal for consumers we urge the Government to take action to resolve the policy barriers to the deployment of energy storage and demand side response identified by this report.”