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Energy and Climate Sector speaks up post-Brexit

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The result of last week’s European Union (EU) Referendum will have a wide impact on the energy and climate sector – yet many have noted that the sector has so far been a low priority on the Brexit agenda.

A briefing note released by think tank E3G post-Referendum, headed “Brexit Shakes Up Energy and Climate Landscape but Fundamentals Unchanged,” has attempted to quash uncertainties by reminding all that existing rules are to remain unchanged until Britain’s eventual exit.

However, a number of industry bodies fear what the future may hold.

Client Earth’s CEO, James Thornton, said: “Now as the UK prepares to go it alone, we have no idea which laws will be retained since those who campaigned for Brexit did not have a united position.

“They failed to make clear during the campaign which environmental laws would be kept.

“We therefore call upon all parties to promise to maintain existing protections,” he said.

However, Green Alliance Director, Matthew Spencer, said that the Referendum result should provoke Britain to effectively ‘up its game’ in the ongoing battle against the global climate crisis.

He said: “The public did not vote for a race to the bottom, they will expect standards of environmental protection to be at least as strong in the UK as they are in France and Germany.”

Renewables UK also expressed optimism, with a spokesperson adding: “Our focus will continue to be on delivering power to the UK at the lowest cost.

“Our future is bright; the European and global opportunities remain immense for the industries I’m proud to represent.”