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Energy industry professionals support continued use of EU environmental laws post-Brexit

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A new industry-wide survey has found that 93 per cent of energy sustainability professionals are in favour of the UK’s continued use of European environmental laws post-Brexit.

The findings, which follow a poll of 669 energy industry professionals carried out by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), fall in line with concerns raised by the European Union (EU) that Britain would need to adhere to the EU’s environmental and climate change policies, should it wish to enter into any future relationship with the trading bloc.

According to the poll, 93 per cent of professionals would like to see the whole body of EU environmental law continue to be adopted by the UK after Brexit.

The IMEA’s study also found strong support for speeding up action to reduce carbon emissions – preferably long before the target dates stipulated in the Climate Change Act.

Meanwhile, 96 per cent of those quizzed added that the Government must place a high importance on environmental protection when negotiating future trade deals.

Martin Baxter, chief policy adviser at the IEMA, said: “It is essential that the next Government puts in place a long-term, ambitious policy framework for transitioning the UK to a sustainable economy.

“As we make plans to leave the EU, high environmental quality standards must be maintained, enhanced and consistently enforced and used to create the conditions to support UK business exports,” he said.