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Entrepreneur caught up in £17 million High Court divorce row

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A millionaire businessman who joint-owns one of the UK’s most popular free range egg brands has become embroiled in a High Court divorce battle with his wife, who claims that the entrepreneur ‘owes her’ a hefty sum of £17 million.

Mr Michael Kent, 68, who lives in Monaco, is best known as being the joint millionaire owner of Oxfordshire-based Noble Foods, the successful parent firm behind the well-known Happy Egg Company.

His marriage to wealthy property developer Mrs Tracey Kent, Cornwall, reportedly broke down in 2012, at which point Mrs Kent claims that her entrepreneur husband promised to pay her a £35 million lump sum.

According to her claims, a personally agreed deadline for paying this sum has long passed, yet Mr Kent has only handed over half of the promised funds.

Preliminary issues in the case were analysed last week by Mr Justice Holman at a public hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London, where the disgruntled property developer suggested that Mr Kent should be ordered to sell off shares in his successful company in order to pay her the £17 million she claims to be entitled to.

According to reports, Mr Justice Holman told the Court that, upon examining the case, there was ‘no question’ that Mrs Kent was owed the money.

However, ahead of a trial scheduled for the near future, he said that a separate issue presented itself for trial Judges in relation to how exactly the payments should be timetabled.

A trial is due to take place in early 2018.

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