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Ex-Civil partner of property tycoon pursues share of 'hidden' £6m fortune

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Ex-Civil partner of property tycoon pursues share of ‘hidden’ £6m fortune

A UK woman is seeking a share of her deceased ex-partner’s £6million fortune, after labelling a £162,000 settlement she received following a separation as “unfair”.

Ms Helen Roocroft, 41, Manchester, claims that her property tycoon ex-partner, Ms Carol Ann Ainscow, had up to £6 million in “hidden assets” prior to her death in 2013.

The duo first split in 2009, during the recession, when Ms Ainscow submitted documents during dissolution proceedings suggesting that her wealth had fallen under the tense economic climate.

Representing herself in Court at the time, Ms Roocroft reluctantly accepted a £162,000 settlement – which she has since labelled “unfair”.

Ms Roocroft has claimed that the late Ms Ainscow had not revealed the full extent of her assets during dissolution proceedings – a claim which was, at first, rejected by The High Court.

However, Ms Roocroft has since been granted permission to an appeal hearing.

Commenting on the case prior to the hearing, Lady Justice Black, said: “There was material to support the case that there was non-disclosure of potential significance to an ancillary relief claim.

“It was Ms Ainscow’s duty to make full and fair disclosure, not only so Ms Roocroft could evaluate her claim and decide upon how to proceed with it, but also so the Court could exercise its discretion.

“Ms Ainscow had denied that Ms Roocroft’s understanding of her financial position was correct.

“[But] it is surely arguable that there is a public interest in not supporting those who mislead others, in particular the Court.

“I am persuaded that the grounds of appeal, as drafted, have a real prospect of success,” she added.