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Family Court fight ends in Mormon Mother's favour

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A British father who wanted to stop his former partner taking their children to live in an American state has lost a Family Court fight.

The mother, a Mormon woman, had asked the judge to allow her to move their six-year-old son and three-year-old daughter to Utah, as this was where their church was based.

She told the court how she had remarried to an American Mormon construction worker and wanted to join him in the USA.

The children’s father argued that their daughter might be “treated in an inferior way” in Utah.

Nevertheless, Mr Justice Bodey ruled in favour of the mother, and granted the woman’s relocation application.

According to details of the case, the children had lived with their mother after she and their father separated. The mother said her ex-partner had “lost interest” in seeing the children.

Judge Bodey said a move to Utah would be in the children’s best interests and said the pros outweighed the cons.

He further said that there was no evidence that the little girl would suffer inferior treatment and the mother’s plans were realistic and thought through.

Evidence presented to the London Court also suggested that she would be better off financially, and the Judge said she would be living with her new husband in a place where she wanted to “make her life”.