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Fresh plea for people to make sure they've made a Will

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A campaign group has said that people can’t afford to put off setting their affairs in order.

Toby Scott, from the Dying Matters coalition, this month told The Guardian that a general discomfort around discussing dying deterred many people from making a Will.

The group, which has more than 32,000 members and aims to promote discussion about matters relating to death and bereavement, hopes people can be persuaded to overcome their unease.

“Talking about dying won’t make it happen,” said Mr Scott.

“It can feel a bit morbid at first, but knowing you’ve got your plans and affairs in order can be a great relief. You can then get on with living the life you have, safe in the knowledge that everything is in place for loved ones.

“[Not making a Will] can leave surviving loved ones in a real mess. It can cause problems that take a long time to sort out, and can trigger arguments that can split families apart.”

He was talking to the newspaper as part of a general feature which aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of dying intestate.

As part of its investigation, the newspaper carried out research which found that 53 per cent of UK adults had yet to make a Will.

Of those, almost half claimed they had nothing to leave, 15 per cent did not want to dwell on their mortality and a similar number admitted they simply hadn’t got round to it.

The poll highlights another misconception that organisations such as Dying Matters are keen to put to rest, namely that only those with significant wealth need to worry about making a Will.