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Government urged to review RHI scheme before end of 2018

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A new report published by prominent industry group Energy UK has called on the Government to undertake a full review of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) before the end of the year.

In its Kick-starting the decarbonisation of heat report, Energy UK has reiterated the importance of targets laid out in the 2017 Clean Growth Strategy – and suggested that the Government must look into ‘transforming’ how British buildings are heated in a bid to stick to these targets.

Specifically, the trade association has said that the Government should consider a full review of the much-criticised RHI, which is due to close in the early 2020s, as a matter of priority and set out a long-term framework for funding low carbon heating solutions into future years.

The umbrella body has also called on the Government to review its Heat Network Innovation Project, which is also due to end around the same time as the RHI.

In its new report, Energy UK is calling for policymakers to widen the range of low carbon heat technologies the Government supports and to encourage and improve the existing scope for private investment.

Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive of Energy UK, said: “If, as the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy sets out, the 2020s will see real change taking place in heating, then we need to prepare the ground now.

“Moving away from carbon-intensive heating is a huge challenge but one we cannot delay tackling any longer – we need heating to follow the lead of power generation in slashing emissions.”

He added: “Industry is already taking leadership in helping to deliver this change, as is highlighted throughout the report, but Government has a vital role to play in kick-starting this transformation, which is why we’re setting out areas where it should get the ball rolling.”

Energy UK’s full report can be accessed here.