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Have you thought about your digital assets?

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At this time when there is so much uncertainty regarding COVID-19, many people are looking at the provisions that they have made for their families, friends and charities through their Wills. 

One thing that people overlook, no matter why they might be reviewing their Wills, is their digital assets.  The fact that many of us are now working from home and others who might now, for the first time, set up emails, social media accounts, PayPal accounts and online shopping while they are self-isolating means that more people than ever should be looking at what would happen to their digital assets when they pass away.

There could be cash value in their online shopping and PayPal accounts that would need to be secured and, additionally, family members might wish to access things such as memories and photographs from your social media.  The rules around these are not clear, as many can be governed by the law of the country where the service provider is based, most often in the United States.

If you would like assistance in ensuring that your digital assets are secured and, if possible, accessible when you pass away, Private Client Associate Melinda Rice would be happy to provide you with advice regarding digital asset planning. You can contact Melinda at or by calling 0121 2367388.