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Heterosexual couple fighting for civil partnership rights granted Supreme Court hearing

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Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld, the heterosexual couple embroiled in a long-running legal fight for the right to enter a civil partnership, have been granted a hearing at the Supreme Court.

The London couple, who argue that the Civil Partnership Act 2004 is “incompatible with equality law” first launched their legal battle for mixed-sex civil partnership rights in 2014.

Since then, they have been largely unsuccessful in the Courts, and most recently had their claim rejected by the Court of Appeal in February this year, following an earlier High Court rejection in January 2016.

The happy couple, who have one child together and another on the way, believe firmly that not all British families are comfortable with the idea of marriage.

They themselves claim that they do not believe in marriage, but would like the “financial and legal protection” that a civil partnership can provide nevertheless.

Under English Law, couples who enter into a civil partnership receive the same treatment in terms of tax, inheritance, pensions and next-of-kin arrangements as those who are married – but a civil partnership can only be entered into by a same-sex couple.

However, if the Supreme Court overturns the previous judgment in Mr Keidan and Ms Steinfeld’s case, the landmark ruling could “provide access to civil partnerships for thousands of families across the UK,” Ms Steinfeld has rightly said.

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