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Identity ban refused in £1million post-divorce legal battle

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Three Judges have refused to impose an identity ban requested by a divorcee embroiled in a £1million legal battle with her banker ex-husband at the Court of Appeal.

53-year old Tina Norman, Surrey, asked the Court to allow her identity to remain secret, arguing that her post-divorce financial dispute with ex-partner Robert Ellis Norman was “private business” that she did not wish to make headline news.

She argued that a bar on her name being made public would protect her rights to private and family life, but three Judges refused her bid following widespread complaints from the press, according to reports.

Ms Norman and her ex-partner reportedly reached a divorce settlement many years ago, which saw the former walk away with the family home and £6,000 in cash.

However, Ms Norman has since accused the successful banker of “concealing” up to £300,000 in assets at the point of divorce.

At a previous hearing held in private, Lord Justice McFarlane said that there had been a “level of dishonesty” found against Mr Norman on previous occasions.

He added that Ms Norman should be entitled to “have her day in Court” as her ex-husband had effectively “mis-led” Judges.

The case has returned to an Appeals Court in recent days, after her request for anonymity was rejected.

The disgruntled divorcee has made serious “allegations of misrepresentation of fraud” against Mr Norman, but a decision is yet to be made and the case continues.