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Industry-first conference to call for clearer legislation on hydrocarbon recovery in North Sea

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Professors and Law experts at the University of Aberdeen have launched an industry-first conference to call for greater clarity in the legal framework governing hydrocarbon recovery in the North Sea.

The University’s Law School claims that simplification of these laws is vital in order to fully realise the goals of the Wood Review – Sir Ian Wood’s ongoing review of UK offshore oil and gas recovery and its regulation – which they believe to be “a reassertion of the state interest in oil and gas” and “a move away from decades of light-touch, laissez-faire regulation”.

Professor Alex Kemp from the University of Aberdeen will speak at the conference on Thursday next week, which will be attended by industry-leading figures, including the Oil and Gas Authority’s Director of Exploration and Production, Gunther Newcombe, and UK Upstream Director for Shell, Paul Goodfellow,

Director of the Aberdeen Institute of Energy at the University of Aberdeen, John Scrimgeour, said: “This is shaping up to be a stimulating and fascinating consideration of the many issues and challenges facing the sector at this time.

“We are confident that we have created the very first conference of this kind, where a range of speakers from academia and industry will debate the major legal, organisational and technical issues, many of which have not yet been discussed or debated in sufficient detail, and are not yet common knowledge.”