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Industry professionals fear UK energy policy is 'on pause'

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A far-reaching new survey suggests that the majority of industry professionals believe that the UK’s energy policy is ‘on pause’ and Britain is no longer on track to meet its target to cut carbon emissions by more than half by 2030.

According to research published by the Energy Institute in recent days, as many as 80 per cent of industry professionals now hold the view that the UK will not meet these targets.

The survey found that many commentators are growingly increasingly frustrated with what The Guardian describes as a ‘list of stalled Government decisions’ in relation to energy initiatives and incentives in recent years.

It cites delayed negotiations over a proposed tidal power lagoon in Swansea Bay – thought to have the potential to develop more than ten per cent of the UK’s electricity – as one of many initiatives long-forgotten.

It also criticises the Government’s lapse in publishing its proposed Clean Power Plan, which was supposed to lay out exactly how the UK would achieve its target of cutting carbon emissions by 57 per cent compared to levels recorded in 1990.

The plan, which was initially expected to be published last year, is now “long overdue,” according to Louise Kingham, chief executive of the Energy Institute.

She said: “The mood among our members is that energy policy is ‘on pause’ and ministers need to hit the play button.”

Jim Skea, president of the leading energy group, added that there is an “urgent need” for the Government to get its Clean Power Plan published immediately if targets are to be achieved.

The group’s report also found that the majority of energy sector professionals and bodies want the UK to keep existing EU energy and climate arrangements – including the renewable energy and energy efficiency directives – after Brexit.