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Lack of Government support deterring local authorities from investing in solar, says study

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New research suggests that as many as 47 per cent of local authorities across the UK have ‘cut’ the amount that they invest in solar energy, due to a significant lack of Government support.

The study, which was carried out by LG Electronics, found that almost half of local authorities have felt the need to reduce their solar spend in recent years, citing a lack of Government incentives and shortcomings in Government policy as their main reasons for doing so.

In total, as many as 76 per cent admitted to not investing in solar at all in recent years.

Worse still, a shocking 70 per cent of authorities said that they had no plans to add to their solar capacity within the next five years, while only 19 per cent said that they were planning on investing in the near future.

Bob Mills, senior sales manager at LG Electronics, said: “Until there is a clarity on solar strategy, we will continue to see public money wasted on out-dated and overpriced energy projects.

“Our research has revealed that the Government’s policy towards solar is ineffective and in some cases, completely non-existent”.