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Lottery-winning couple split following divorce dispute

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Lottery-winning couple split following divorce dispute

An unhappy UK woman who won the National Lottery 12 years ago has divorced her longstanding husband, following a dispute over an alleged affair discovered on a ‘make-or-break’ holiday, according to reports.

Mrs Victoria Jones, 41, claimed that her £2.3million win, which came shortly after she married ex-husband, David Jones in 2004, subsequently “ruined their lives”.

The disgruntled winner, who initially shared her winnings with Mr Jones and enjoyed purchasing a luxury home and a £70,000 sports car, says that the win was “the worst thing that ever happened to her,” and eventually caused her relationship with her ex-husband to deteriorate.

However, Mr Jones told a very different story. He said that during a make-or-break holiday in Cape Verde, he discovered illicit text messages on his wife’s mobile phone, which revealed that Mrs Jones was having an affair with Mike Clare – a wealthy businessman and founder of mattress retailer Dreams, which he reportedly sold for £222 million in 2008.

Initially, Mrs Jones denied having a relationship with the wealthy entrepreneur, who now runs a successful property company, and is said to be worth an estimated £260 million – making him one of Britain’s wealthiest men.

But in an unusual turn of events, Mr Clare, who is currently married to another woman with whom he claims to have separated, confirmed the secret relationship.

“I am seeing Victoria Jones, but she didn’t leave her husband for me.

“We’re not living together or anything like that, but I am seeing her.

“I haven’t just seen Victoria. Everyone knows I’ve seen different girls and [my wife] is aware,” he said.

Mr and Mrs Jones have now separated and the couple are believed to be ‘in the process of splitting their assets’. Further details of their divorce remain undisclosed.