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Millionaire security boss returns to High Court to reignite money dispute with ex-wife

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A high net-worth individual (HNWI) who ran an £18m nightlife security empire with his ex-wife has accused her of ‘misappropriating’ funds from their business in a bitter post-divorce dispute.

Mr Terry Neil, 50, has accused former wife Soraya Henderson of misappropriating as much as £1.2m from their shared company, Manage Security Services Ltd, which traded as TSS.

According to reports, the hugely successful security company provides around 80 per cent of London’s bouncers and doormen to high-profile nightclubs in Soho such as The Box and Cirque le Soir.

The duo have been embroiled in a bitter money dispute since they first divorced in July 2015, following a 23-year marriage.

Mr Neil and Ms Henderson sold their jointly-owned £2.4m home in Buckinghamshire shortly after the split – and a lengthy Court battle followed centring on their finances and control of TSS.

The company subsequently fell into administration, but Mr Neil has returned to the High Court in recent weeks alleging that Ms Henderson submitted forged documents during their previous legal battle.

A spokesperson on behalf of Mr Neil said: “In early 2016 Mr Neil began to investigate substantial spending incurred by Ms Henderson on the company’s credit card and transfers of funds out of the company’s bank account.

“Ms Henderson was suspended … she resigned in September 2016,” they added.

According to reports, Mr Neil is pursuing his former wife and business partner over the “misappropriation of around £1.2 million of funds”.

The dispute relates to a series of documents allegedly used in Court by Ms Henderson last year, which Mr Neil claims he “now knows … are forgeries”.

The spokesperson added: “his is a serious case involving the forgery of documentary evidence and adducing false and forged witness evidence.”

Judge Roger Wynad QC has adjourned the case to allow Ms Henderson time to prepare a defence.

According to reports, Ms Henderson denies all allegations.

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