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Multi-millionaire recording artist hadn't made a will

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It was confirmed earlier this week that the singer-songwriter Prince is not thought to have made a will before his death.

The 57-year-old collapsed in a lift and was pronounced dead on April 21st, with the exact cause of his death still unclear.

The entertainer’s sister Tyka Nelson said that there is no evidence that her brother made a will and a special administrator has now been appointed to oversee his estate.

Ms Nelson, along with five half-siblings, are thought to be the potential heirs of the estate and there are suggestions that the administration could be a long and complicated process.

The full extent of Prince’s fortune remains uncertain, although he is understood to have made hundreds of millions of dollars during his performing career and he also built a significant property portfolio, which one newspaper suggests is worth £18million.

While America’s intestacy laws differ from the UK’s, the case once again highlights the importance of ensuring that you have made a valid will.

In 2014, the comedian Rik Mayall died from a heart attack and it later emerged he too had failed to put his affairs in order – despite a near-fatal quad bike accident over a decade earlier.