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National Grid issues warning over green energy targets

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The National Grid has confirmed that the UK is almost certain to miss the renewable energy targets which had been set for the end of the decade.

The network has drawn up four different models that Britain could follow and considered in each case the likely effect on energy figures.

Even if the UK was to pursue the most ambitious option environmentally, the nation would still be expected to miss its previous target of producing 15 per cent of total energy from renewable sources by 2020.

The Government has seemed to concede that it won’t reach the percentages it had previously hoped for in four years’ time, although ministers have argued that the country is continuing to make good progress in this area.

The National Grid’s report suggests that increased use of wind and solar-power had exceeded many people’s expectations.

But progress in other areas has been rather more sluggish, with the introduction of electric cars and so-called “clean heating” systems needing to pick up dramatically.

In the best-case scenario, Britain would reach the 15 per cent target two years later than previously hoped.

Under the most pessimistic forecast, it would take until 2029 for Britain to hit this target.

A National Grid spokesman told BBC News: “The 2050 targets are still achievable, but we need much more momentum.

“The Government has to change the trajectory or we are going to fail. We need to learn our lessons from where things have gone wrong so far.”