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Renewable energy must take centre stage in industrial strategy, say groups

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In a letter addressed to business secretary Greg Clark, as many as six renewable energy groups have called on the Government to prioritise green energy as part of the UK’s industrial strategy.

The letter, which has been backed by the Renewable Energy Association (REA), Renewable UK, the Solar Trade Association, the Electricity Storage Network, Scottish Renewables and Regen, argues that bolstering the renewables sector is not only crucial to combating climate change, but also important in securing the UK’s future economic growth.

It says that the wind, wave, tidal and other energy industries continue to provide economic benefits to numerous regions across the UK – some of which have long been in dire need of new, sustainable growth opportunities.

The letter adds: “Low carbon sources are now the low-cost energy option, with cost reductions more akin to those seen in electronics than traditional infrastructure”.

The comments come at a time when new research commissioned by Renewable UK has revealed that, last year alone, UK-generated renewable energy products were exported to as many as 43 countries – and the total value of exports is predicted to have hit approximately £2bn, a report in The Telegraph suggests.

Emma Pinchbeck, executive director at Renewable UK, said: “We need to act swiftly to retain this competitive advantage, or other nations will capitalise on the hard work our businesses have done to build opportunities”.